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Telecaster Shielding (In Aluminum Foil)

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The goal of this project is to eliminate most of the hum that is produced by playing through single coil pickups. In this project I shield the wiring cavities of a fender telecaster with aluminum foil which protects the guitar from outside electromagnetic interference. It requires no irreversible modifications to the guitar, makes no cosmetic difference and is not expensive.

Forewarnings and General Info...

Shielding a telecaster is easier than shielding a stratocaster because problems like ground loops are not nearly as prevalent (due to the wiring). By surrounding (as much as possible) the pots, switches, wires, jacks, electronics and pick-ups with a conductive material (aluminum foil in this case) and then connecting the guitars ground wires to it, a shield against electromagnetic interference is created. The downside to using aluminum foil for shielding is that you can not solder anything to it. To get around this it is imperative that you make sure that all of the foil is connected via a conductive material. Making sure that the foil is connected insures that your guitars wiring cavities are properly shielded from the outside electromagnetic interference.

Parts List:

• Basic Soldering Skills
Soldering Tools
• A Shielding Material (Aluminium Foil, Copper Shielding Tape, Conductive Spray)
• Wire (I use Black 22 gauge)

Audio Clips

Before Mod - No shielding on the Telecaster Link To Mp3
The second before the guitar starts is where you can really hear the electromagnetic interference.

After Mod - Telecaster with the shielding foil Link To Mp3
After the shielding modification the guitar is much quieter and can be used in music studios.

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