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Sratocaster Series Push Pull Wiring

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The goal of this project is to get a fatter, more mellow sound out of a standard Fender Stratocaster. This guitar mod allows you to have the standard Stratocaster postions as well as the neck and middle pickups wired together in series (when volume push/pull is up). The result of this guitar mod is very practical and will yield a new, thicker sounding stratocaster. I like to play jazz and normally a stratocaster is just too bright sounding for my taste but after this guitar mod and the custom varitone, the guitar is capable of some very jazzy tones. Both of these modifications are still in my guitar and I use them everyday.

Audio Clips

The Neck/Bridge Pickup in Series Link To Mp3
This is a clip of the neck and bridge pickup in series which is accessed by pulling the volume push/pull pot up.

The Neck/Bridge Pickup in Parallel Link To Mp3
This is a clip of the neck and bridge pickup in parallel which is accessed by pushing the volume push/pull pot down.

Forewarnings and General Info...

This guitar mod leaves the guitars wiring just the same when the volume push/pull pot is down but when it is up the wiring is: 1st and 2nd switch position - neck/mid. in series, 3rd switch position - bypass, 4th and 5th switch position - normal wiring. If you do not want the 3rd position to be a bypass then check out the Stratocaster E-Megaswitch Wiring.

Parts List:

• Basic Soldering Skills
Soldering Tools
Push/Pull Pot
• Wire (I use Black 22 gauge)

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