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2 Wire To 5 Wire Humbucker Rewire

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The point of this project is to be able to access all of the different tones which a humbucker can produce by allowing for reconfiguration of the wiring. A standard two lead humbucker is already wired in series with no other options. Preforming this mod will allow you to re-configure the wirings of the humbucker with an external switch.

Forewarnings and General Info...

Though this mod is extremely helpful for getting the most out of your humbucker, it does require an external switch to operate. This is because you are seperating the two single coils which together.. wired in series.. form the humbucker. By using a 4 pole rotary switch or a push/pull pot with the 5 lead humbucker, you can access in series/in phase, in parallel/in phase, in series/out of phase, in parallel/out of phase, main single coil and 2nd single coil. Not all of these wirings are very practical, however, having the 5 Lead allows you to choose which wirings sound best to you.

Parts List:

• Basic Soldering Skills
Soldering Tools
Small Philipps Head Screwdriver
Heat Shrink Tubing
• Glue
• 5 Lead Wire

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