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Rewire Humbucker For Coil Cutting

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The point of this project is to be able to cut one of the humbuckers coils. This is done by adding a wire to the connection between the pickups and removing the connection of the humbucker to its chassis (or frame). A standard two lead humbucker is already wired in series with no other options. Preforming this mod will allow you to cut one coil of the humbucker with an external switch.

Forewarnings and General Info...

This Modification is great because it allows you to cut one coil from your humbucker, creating a single coil sound. Note that you must use an external switch to switch to a coil cut.

Parts List:

• Basic Soldering Skills
Soldering Tools
• 4 lead wire (I used a 5 lead and cut the extra wire off)
Heat Shrink Tubing (It should cover 16 gauge wire when heated)

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