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Two Pickup Blend Potentiometer Wiring

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This is a great mod for any guitar with a two pickup + 3-way toggle switch configuration like, most Gibson models and several archtop guitars. The goal of this guitar mod is to be able to blend the sound of two pickups in any amount. With a standard 3-way toggle switch, you can only get: 100% neck pickup or 50% neck pickup/50% bridge pickup or 100% bridge pickup. By replacing this 3-way toggle switch with a blend pot you can access 100% neck pickup/0% bridge pickup to 100% bridge pickup/0% neck pickup and anything in between (ex. 71%/29% or 39%/61%). This mod is one of my favorites because it is very easy to perform, not expensive and super practical.

Forewarnings and General Info...

In the diagram above you see Source A and Source B as well as Output and Ground. Source A and Source B are the hot (+) wires from your two pickups. The Output wire (+) will go to the first lug on the volume pot and the Ground wire will go to the volume pots housing.

blend pot wiring diagram

Parts List:

• Basic Soldering Skills
Soldering Tools
A Blend Pot (I use a 500k)
• Wire (I use Black 22 gauge)

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